Health, Safety & Environmental System Audits

Auditing is a term often misused or confused in HS&E terminology. Clients must first decide what they want from an audit, such as:-

Compliance Audit – an independent thorough check on a client’s entire HSE system (or a specific part of their system) to ensure it is compliant with legal requirements; or

Operational or Performance Audits – In this type audit the auditor thoroughly examines the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of the HSE operations to make sure the client’s systems are delivering the expected outcome in a user friendly and efficient manner.

The auditor not only measures the client systems against legal requirements but goes much further and the auditor will make assessments and recommendations as to how the management and control systems can be improved. These improvements will be based on best practice within that relevant industry sector. Hurst Setter staff who undertake such work need to be very experienced HSE professionals with extensive experience in that industry sector.

To ensure we have the necessary level of expertise, Hurst Setter focus on auditing within the construction, project management and property management sectors.

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